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Amphion Innovations

Amphion Innovations plc, headquartered in New York with a listing on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market, is a developer of medical, life science and technology businesses holding significant ownership in seven portfolio companies each developing proven technologies targeting substantial commercial marketplaces. Amphion works closely with its partner companies to optimise the commercialisation of IP – the company’s portfolio collectively owns 200+ separately identified pieces of IP.

RiverFort has been a consistent funder of Amphion since our firm’s inception, as Amphion has placed emphasis on the growth of two of its business portfolio companies, Kromek, Ltd. and Motif Bio plc. Kromek is in the process of pioneering digital colour imaging for x-rays and has brought groundbreaking innovation to materials technology and advanced 3D imaging, targeting opportunities in security screening, medical imaging, and defense.

Motif Bio develops antibiotics designed to be effective against serious and life-threatening infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria. The company recently IPO’d on NASDAQ, and is targeting commercialisation for its lead antibiotic candidate in 2018.

Use of Proceeds

Growth of business portfolio companies

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