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November 23, 2021- RiverFort Facilitates $10M Credit Facility to Fund Clinical Trials.

Investment holding company, Blackhawk Growth Corp, entered a Credit Facility of up to $10 Million, arranged by Riverfort Global Capital and funded by a regulated institutional investor. The firm put the proceeds towards the research undertaken by its subsidiary, Trip Pharma, as well as for Blackhawk’s operational and working capital purposes.

Frederick Pels, Chief Executive Officer of Blackhawk, commented: “this new Credit Facility serves as a proactive step towards continuing to strengthen Blackhawk’s balance sheet, improving our long-term financial liquidity and lowering our overall cost of capital. Teaming with RiverFort will allow us to continue growing our investment portfolio while driving returns for our stakeholders with a partner who demonstrates an understanding of the opportunity of lending to venture backed companies.”

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