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Keras Resources

Keras Resources plc is focused on building a portfolio of strategic resource assets, providing investors with exposure to a number of high-quality development assets and high-demand commodities, including manganese, cobalt and nickel in Togo, West Africa. The Company also has a significant interest in a highly prospective gold exploration and development portfolio in Australia.

Keras benefits from a highly skilled management team, which has extensive operational experience in Africa and Australia with proven success in advancing assets up the value curve. Keras entered into an agreement with RiverFort Global Capital In order to fund the acquisitions of the Klondyke Gold project. An Acquisition Finance Facility Agreement (‘Finance Agreement’) with a consortium of investors arranged by RiverFort Global Capital Ltd (the ‘Investors’). The Finance Agreement was entered into as a bridge funding facility to secure the acquisition of a significant long-term asset for the Company. The financing was a debt rather than an equity-based structure and is therefore not dependent on the Company’s share price performance.

Keras Managing Director Dave Reeves said on the announcement of the deal, “The acquisition of Klondyke … will elevate Keras to a stand-alone, owner-operated gold miner in addition to its current tribute miner model. We are committed to maximising value for shareholders and since entering the West Australian gold industry via tribute mining agreements in Q4 last year, we have been evaluating opportunities which will enable us to diversify our operational risk and increase the returns from our investment.

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